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ZappDesk’s PHP Developer training program provides complete knowledge of developing the back-end of any web based applications. In our course we include all the latest frameworks of PHP such as Laravel, CakePHP and WordPress.

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Course Curriculum

Hers is the list of topics which are mandatory for a Full Stack Developer to learn

HTML is the basic of all web pages or websites. Without HTML, it won’t be possible to arrange text or images or tables or videos to any web page. It is the beginning where you will learn how to create engaging web pages.

You will learn all the HTML tags which are used in HTML pages to create the structure of web pages. You will also learn to create HTML tables to present the data in tabular format efficiently.

CSS (Cascading style sheets) defines how HTML elements will appear on web pages. The CSS style sheet contains details about the design of the HTML elements. CSS3 is the latest version of CSS and it has many advanced styling capabilities. Also, CSS3 is light on storage space, which easily loads and reduces load time of any web page.

HTML5 and CSS3 together helps in enhancing functionalities in website development like responsive design or mobile-friendly design,  add audio/video files and animations.  Learning CSS and HTML is the basic for a full stack web developer.

JavaScript is one of the most powerful and flexible scripting languages of the web. It gives the dynamic behavior on most websites, helps in validating form fields, showing alerts and many more.

You will be learning scripting fundamentals and basic object-oriented OOPs concepts using the latest JavaScript syntax. The concepts covered in these lessons will help you to use JavaScript in any environment.

PHP is a most used server-side programming language which has become one of the most powerful programming language over the years for websites. PHP works fine with HTML and databases and it is the best language for anyone interested in building dynamic web based applications.

You will be learning the programming concepts in PHP from basics to advanced after which you will be able to create a web application at your own.

Almost every business these days use relational database to store the details of their customers or offers or employees.

You will be learning to interact with relational databases using SQL. Also, You will learn to add, delete, manipulate data and write queries that interact with more than one table in a databse..

MongoDB is a database program that you can use to save the details and access information about users of the websites that you build.

You will be learning to use MongoDB for your website and also get knowledge when to use MongoDB and when to use SQL.

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework which is designed to develop web applications easier and faster using built-in features. Because of the features that Laravel has, it is widely used by web developers.

You will be learning to develop web applications using Laravel MVC Framework. Also you will learn to create applications quickly and easy way using Laravel Framework.

CakePHP is another most popular open-source PHP framework. You will be learning to develop, deploy and maintain applications much easier. CakePHP is based on MVC architecture that is powerful as well as easy to grasp.

You will be learning to develop websites using CakePHP. You will get good understanding of using CakePHP framework.

WordPress was actually designed to create a blogs, rather than traditional websites. But these days, due to amazing improvement in WordPress plugins and themes, you can design any type of website using WordPress.

You will be learning to create all kinds of websites and blogs, using WordPress. Also you will learn to use paid and free themes and plugins and to create website and to create best looking website using WordPress page builders.

Around 25% of the websites are powered by WordPress in the world. Sometimes clients will have a requirement of using their personalized theme and you need to develop it.

You will be learning to develop WordPress theme in full. In this way you can build your own website and give it a custom User Interface UI.

Although WordPress has many plugins and almost everything is possible using those plugins but still there are some special features which you need in your website. Almost any feature on a website you can imagine can easily be built in WordPress using plugins.

You will be learning to build and install your own plugins with the development techniques using WordPress API and PHP.

You will be learning both REST and SOAP API to integrate with any website.

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