How to Install Moodle Using Softaculous: Step by Step Guide

Moodle is one of the most popular Learning Management System (LMS) which you can install on your website to manage the courses, instructors and learners. You can use the Softaculous application installer in cPanel to install it quickly. Softaculous is a program used for installing software on your server. Using Softaculous you don’t need to download the files manually.

How to Install Moodle using Softaculous

There are two options to install Moodle Software. One option is doing it manually and the second option is installing it using Softaculous. It is very easy to install Moodle Software using Softaculous program

Here are the steps that you need to follow to install Moodle using Softaculous:

Step 1: Log into your cPanel account.
Step 2: In your cPanel account, locate the Software section.
Step 3: Click on Softaculous App Installer Icon in the Software section.
Step 4: Once you have Softaculous Interface opened, On the left side (below Softaculous logo), there is a search option, Search Moodle and click on the result.
Step 5: Click on Install Now
Step 6: once you click on Install Now, you will a setup page.
Step 7: On the setup page, select the version you want to install (select the latest version).
Step 8: Enter Installation URL details, like Choose Protocol, Choose Domain, In Directory.
Step 9: Enter Data Directory location in the field.
Step 10: Enter CRON Job timing, if you don’t know much about cron job, then don’t change any details.
Step 11: Enter Site Name
Step 12: Enter Site Description
Step 13: Enter Admin Username
Step 14: Enter Admin Password
Step 15: Enter Admin First Name
Step 16: Enter Admin Last Name
Step 17: Enter Admin Email
Step 18: Enter Admin Username
Step 19: Select Language, English is selected by default.
Step 20: You can enter an email ID to which you want to receive installation details in the field ‘Email installation details to’.
Step 21: Click Install
Step 22: Softaculous will check all the details, and if every detail is good then Moodle will be installed.
Step 23: Once installation is completed by Softaculous, you will be redirected to a page which gives a message of successful installation.

You’re done. Moodle is now successfully installed on your website. You can open your website and check. 

Facing Issues?

You can contact us through mail if you need any help in installing Moodle. We will help you to install Moodle on your website. Click here to mail us.

Features of Moodle

Moodle LMS has many in-built features that a tutor, teacher, trainer can use to create online courses. Also, you can upload your own content, and add activities like forums, quizzes, assignments and many more to make the course interactive, interesting and fun for learners.

Moodle is an open source and Free software, allowing a user to design and develop their LMS according to their needs. Moodle is a very powerful technology and works across all the platforms.

You can also install and on your website today and start designing courses for your institute or for your students.

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